We deliver Mon-Fri from 10.00am, Southport to Palm Beach. Out of these areas please send an enquiry. Before placing an order you must read all Terms & conditions.

$100 Minimum Order

  1. Payments terms:- We accept Visa & Master Card / Paypal / EFT.
  2. Full payment must be received prior to orders being processed and delivered.
  3. Orders must be placed at least 48 business hours in advance to make sure stock will be available for delivery especially during peak periods. (e.g. If delivery required for Monday order by 10am Thursday prior).
  4. There is a 2% processing fee on all transactions
  5. There is a $100 minimum order
  6. Delivery fee is $14 to drop off your clean linen and pick up your dirty linen. If you are a regular client, you must have your next order in for when we collect the dirty linen so we can do a swap).
  7. The MAXIMUM number of hire days is 14. If you need it for longer you will need to re-order a change over.
  8. If linen is kept longer than 14 days, then you will be charged 3 times the price of the linen that is not returned.
  9. We deliver and pick up Mon–Fri 10.00am–1.00pm
  10. We do not deliver to High Rise Buildings unless you are the onsite manager. If you put an order through & pay for it via credit card or paypal you will not be refunded their charges.
  11. A signature may be required at the time of delivery.
  12. You must be over 18 years of age to use this website.
  13. All dirty linen must be placed back in the linen bags provided ready for collection. Linen bags must not be over filled. If ordering online the system calculates how many bags you will require to return the linen in full at one time.
  14. Soiled linen must not be held for more than 5 days as it will go mouldy and get ruined. You will be responsible to pay for any replacements costs.
  15. Linen must NOT be laundered in any form and must be returned for professional laundering only.
  16. You agree not to stock pile and only order the linen required per stay and linen required to cover weekend change overs only.
  17. You agree to monitor all linen and charge guests the replacement costs of stolen or lost linen which you will then notify us and forward the funds onto us so we can replace these items.
  18. We reserve the right to increase our prices at any time to cover CPI and laundry increases.
  19. In placing your order, you agree to all the above terms and conditions.